Former Governor Bill Weld Endorses Rob Hodkinson for Secretary of State

William Weld Endorses Rob Hodgkinson for Kansas Secretary of State

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2016 Vice-Presidential Candidate William Weld weighs in on Kansas Secretary of State race

Stilwell, KS - Former Massachusetts Governor and 2016 Vice-Presidential Candidate William Weld announced today that he’s endorsing Libertarian candidate Rob Hodgkinson for Kansas Secretary of State.

“I'm endorsing Rob Hodgkinson for Secretary of State because he has been working to improve election and business processes in Kansas for many years. He has first-hand knowledge of the challenges people face and he brings an outside perspective that puts him above partisan politics.” said Mr. Weld.  “Voters have an excellent chance to smash the duopoly in Kansas this November by voting for Rob.”

“It’s an honor to have the endorsement of former Governor Bill Weld. It’s a recognition of how serious our campaign is about advancing important issues and building a winning strategy.” says Rob Hodgkinson. Mr. Hodgkinson says he’s  running to increase election transparency and streamline business processes for the people of Kansas. He claims that the political climate gets in the way of meaningful improvements as Secretary of State, but his election would change that. “I want to break the current caustic political divide, with fairness and inclusiveness for all Kansans in the electoral process.” says Mr. Hodgkinson.

Rob Hodgkinson is a 5th generation Kansan who has been a longtime advocate for electoral reform. He was a participant in the “Study Group on the Future of Elections in Kansas” that former Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh initiated in 2009. He’s testified many times in front of legislative committees advocating for election system fairness and accessibility for all Kansans.

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